Welcome to SANASA

As the name implies, Federation of Thrift and Credit Co-operative Societies of Sri Lanka, is the umbrella organization or the apex body of over 8000 primary societies dealing in microfinance in territories designated from the rural conclaves to the townships, ramified throughout the country inclusive of predominantly populated areas with Tamil speaking people in north and east of the country.
The Primary societies serving a membership population in designated areas are also referred as “Primary SANASA Society” in the village. The federation referred heretofore, represent the largest People Oriented Service Organization based on a cooperative philosophy.
Thus the Sinhala the language spoken by the majority uses a concise wording for savings and credit “SANASA”which was the name given to this peoples’ movement and hence the federation is also referred as SANASA Federation, and the peoples movement that it stands for is referred as the “SANASA Movement”.