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Leadership in the late seventies armed with a degree and occupying a seat at the top in a organization that was more of feeding the poor only to survive felt that poor were not asking for dependency, but empowerment to stand on their own feet.
So he stepped down from the ladder, walked in to a depleted savings and credit society in Walgama in Kegalle district his home town area. Working from grass root level he perceived the potential of the cooperative philosophy for common people to be freed from dependency..
Need of the hour was to bring all existing societies to work together and develop the cooperative spirit among the marginalized.
It was no easy task that he embarked, with meager financial resources, but with a team of dedicated village leaders he lead a journey to amass common people to group together to share their resources based on cooperative principles.
So the resurgence of the people’s movement Sanasa was born out of his thinking.
He gave leadership and his sweat day and night traveling in to remote places meeting the poor and common people.
He felt the pulse of the mud, hard rock the burning sand of the north and east.
His indomitable spirit, meticulous vision to focus from the bleak present to a brighter future enabled a troubled ship to be steered to a glorious voyage.
Starting from a depleted credit and savings society he made a gigantic peoples movement with entities competing with the giant private sector of the country owned by the simple people of the country to serve the simple and economically weak.
Besides, he is being honoured by the world cooperative community and in the world of cooperative communities, “kiri” is the name that stands to remember Sri Lanka and SANASA the brand name which he made a landmark in the local business world as a successful cooperative enterprise and internationally among the world cooperative bodies.
We honour our leader who is a simple personality sacrificed his time for the betterment of the marginalised and made them shareholders of corporate institutions of the country.

May you live long in good health and mind to steer this giant ship of SANASA.